The Youth

by Prophets

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released November 15, 2012

Ian Flynn - Vocals
Ben Alexander - Guitar
Marty Malinowski - Guitar
Jordan Trask - Drums
Chris Paterson - Bass

Music and lyrics by Prophets
Produced by Derek Hoffman and Prophets
Recorded and Mixed by Derek Hoffman @ DHS Studio (Toronto)
Mastered by Jay Maas @ Getaway Recording Studio
Album Design by Agatha Gorzelska
Photos provided by David Flam
RIP Dimebag.



all rights reserved


Prophets Ontario


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Track Name: The Youth
I'll scream out loud until my lungs give out / because I am not afraid to be a minority in a crowd of followers / and those who can not think for themselves / tonight I bid a war between my mind and my heart / the sacrifice is worth the price we fucking pay / never be afraid to turn away because we are the youth that fucking know.
Track Name: Martyr
you were never one for honesty / you made it very clear the moment that I met you / abusing your faith for fame isn't something to be proud of / but i guess the people that you wrongly inspire don't seem to care / even though we're surrounded by so many fakes / it's so easy to point you out in the fucking crowd / self-indulgent, greedy, manipulative people like you are the reason I act the way I do / so when will I ever see the honesty / the real side of integrity / when will I see the honesty from the martyrs you claim to be / I hope you suffer the real way a martyr should / your throne of dirt won't mean a thing when we're all dust / you are nothing.
Track Name: Faded Faces
the last words you said to me were that you'll never make it in this industry / but I'll show you all that I don't scream these words for the sake of being known / I scream these words for the kids whose lights don't glow / so that I'll show you that I am here for a reason / more than you thought / over the past four years you've made it very clear that I would make nothing of myself / but I'm here to prove you wrong / it's not about the money or the fame / but others around me don't feel the same way / we've seen so many faces come and go / but I won't rest until the integrity of this scene is restored / we will take it back / over the past four years you've made it very clear that I'll never be part of the crowd / these words mean more than the fucking name you wear on your chest / and I'll tell you one thing / we won't be a part of your fucking trends.
Track Name: Greedy Hands
I can't seem to place my finger on why I've become this way / was it my sheltered youth or did I just never hear the truth / greedy pockets, empty hands and empty hearts / well I was too young to know that I was force fed the good book / reciting words that I never meant / I am the victim of false pretence and an advocate for regret / I am the bastard son of truth / but a voice for all the youth / everyday we pay for our own graves / but I'd rather spend it on my living days / every day we dig in to our pockets to pay for our own graves / when faith fails you, you'll see life through my eyes.
Track Name: Misled
let me in / let me inside / let me figure you out / because you're breaking me down / the fire I once had for you has now burnt out / well I've wasted so much time / on something I called love that wasn't fucking there / I've wasted so much precious time on you / but there was nothing that separated me from you / let me in / let me inside / well I've wasted so much time on the one I called love / sparks flew before I even knew you / but that never changed that the feelings were ever the same / let me take you back two years when I felt safe / held deep in your arms / I was so calm and clear of any other person but you / you greedy motherfucker / you gave me a piece of faith but I spat it out like a bad taste / I told you that there was something more until you spat me out / and I couldn't have the time.
Track Name: Head Rush
I never thought I could be so complacent with the blood rushing to my head / When these days, I never thought i would feel the same again / I never felt that I would accomplish anything / I'm passing out from the blood / and some days I just feel like I've given up on life (on life) / When these times (these times) go by / over and over / I am unsure of what I will become / or what my calling has for me
/ but I know one thing for sure /I was a here for a reason / but when my time here is up / I know was here for a reason / but then you threw it away / everything I ever worked for / but when my time here is up / I know I was here for a reason.
Track Name: Growing Old
I sat in my room for days / too numb to think, too numb to move / as my body lays here comatose / I realize that this is not my time / the reality of fear comes to life / I don't know ending and I never will / but I'll keep on living / embrace the concept of growing old / accept mortality for what it is / so define your life, make up your mind / I am the author of my own life / I know that I'm fine / you seek comfort through denial / you can't come to terms when you're playing pretend / we're unsure of what's to come but we'll make the most of it while you're playing pretend / we are all the same, there's nothing you can do it all ends this way / don't spend your life waiting for death / it's the things in between that make life worth living / I know that I will be fine / you let hearsay lead you on / you can't avoid the inevitable / you count my footsteps as you waste your time / remaining uncertain your entire life / I am the author of my own life / you are the failure waiting to die.
Track Name: Clockwise
every day we're living by the book / a chance lost is a chance you never took / live your life day by day / don't worry about tomorrow / just think about today / follow no man's word and never be a part of the herd / I was born into a world of followers / gaining ground from the life I saw through my eyes / I'm living proof / I'm standing strong on my own two feet / I'm unsure of life ahead / but only time will tell who I am meant to be / only time will tell the life I'm supposed to lead / the clocks stand still but I'm still moving forward / a chance lost is a chance I never took / a chance that I will never get to write in my book.
Track Name: Funeral
I held a grip so tight / I could never let you go / but you were fading and I cannot let my apathetic self hold me back from who I'm meant to be / I can't hold myself back / this is not reality / how did I fall in love with someone I barely knew / your true colours bled through and burned a hole deep inside my heart / I felt it deep down / I was nothing to anyone / how does it feel living day to day without a spine / tell me now, you selfish lifeless man / I'm past the point of feeling anything / I was everything you ever wanted but nothing I wanted to be / I wish I could set the clocks back and set myself free / I am the martyr of my own destiny / I want to be there the day your heart gives out / so you can feel how I felt that day / when I close my eyes, all I see is you / that distant memory that I wish wasn't true / but I turned around and I felt what it was to be alive / I wish I could never be / I tried so hard just to see what I'm meant to be / I turned around and felt alive.